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bus stops and time-tables

If you walk through Althengstett you might see the railway track, but it has not been in use since the 1980s. There are plans to redevelop the line and restart the railway service between Calw and Renningen, but until then you'll have to use the bus.

Basically the bus connects Althengstett to Calw and to Weil der Stadt and also the 3 villages with each other. From Calw you can travel to Nagold or Pforzheim by train and from Weil der Stadt you can reach Böblingen, Sindelfingen and Stuttgart with the "S-Bahn" (interurban train).

In the map above you can see the bus stops in the villages with their names as they appear in the timetables. The bus line "670" that crosses Althengstett does not touch the stops always in the same order but changes in the course of a day. But this is only relevant if you want to start or reach Ottenbronn or Neuhengstett. You can find the timetable for busses to and from Ottenbronn and Neuhengstett here. The explanations:

  • until 9:00 a.m. the bus runs directly from Ottenbronn and Neuhengstett to Weil der Stadt or Calw (yellow rows)
  • from 9:00 a.m. the bus stops at Althengstett/Rathaus (pink rows) and you have to change the bus to get to Calw (blue column) or Weil der Stadt (green column)
  • the telephone sign means: the bus starts in Ottenbronn only if you call (min. 30 minutes in advance) the bus by phone (07051-9689-0)

If you enter the bus in Calw or Althengstett it's recommended to tell the driver if you want to Ottenbronn or Neuhengstett so that he can tell his colleague to wait for someone to change.

If you start and stop in Althengstett it's much easier - see the timetable for the main route of line 670.

The most easiest way to check for the timetable ist to use an online-service like the NVBW journey planner, because the service also shows you the changes to other buses or trains. There's also an app for Apple and android available ("Bus&Bahn"). 



tickets and costs

You can buy the tickets with the driver. Single tickets are unfortunately not very cheap (for Althengstett to Calw: 2,70 EURO), if you use the bus frequently it's better to use a weekly or monthly ticket(see here for details). With a monthly ticket for 48,00 EURO you can use all buses and trains in the whole district of Calw (see a map) after 9:00 a.m..

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